About Thunderbird Drop Box


Our Mission

Thunderbird Drop Box, LLC provides easy, affordable, and ethical recycling services for both commercial and residential customers by sending customer's materials only to third party LEED-certified facilities with the highest recycle rates in the region. We strive to be the best environmental advocate for our customers and to make sure their materials are recycled and handled in timely, environmentally responsible manners.

Our Story

Thunderbird Drop Box started with a dream between father and daughter, Terrell and Jax Garrett– to establish a company that not only did good for the environment, but also paid homage to their strong family bonds.

Growing up in New Mexico, Terrell chose to honor his and Jax’s Hispanic and Native American ancestry with the name of the company– Thunderbird. In Native American culture, the thunderbird symbolizes power, protection, and strength. For many, and specifically for the Garrett’s, those traits have always been associated with family. So in that same way, the company strives to instill a sense of family in its services.

Father and daughter co-own the company, and daughter, Jax, leads the fleet to provide a boutique recycling service exclusively in the city of Portland.

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